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субота, 17. март 2012.

Povratak DnD-u - Bogovi, deo prvi

Pre nekog vremena, najavio sam da ću povremeno zloupotrebljavati ovaj blog za promociju mog najdražeg hobija - FRP-a. Moj prvi post na tu temu bio je posvećen rasama koje će biti dostupne igračima u jednoj od mojih predstojećih kampanja. Ovoga puta, predstaviću zainteresovanim čitaocima - ako ih ima - najznačajnijeg od pet ljudskih bogova prisutnih u toj potencijalnoj kampanji.


Sol Invinctus – The Conquering Sun, the Divine Father
Alignment: LN
Areas of Concern: The Sun, Law, Justice, War, Rulership
Domains: Law, War, Sun, Glory, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Flamberge
Holy Symbol: Golden Circle or Sun-in-Glory (Oriflame)

Sol is the divine embodiment of the actual celestial body, the center of the solar system and the greatest power amongst Elder Gods. During his struggles with his divine dark twin, Chton, he has created the 14 planets of the solar system and he has created planet Gaia as a cage for Chton, therefore creating in time other Elder Gods. That is the reason why he is called both the Conquering Sun and the Divine Father.
Sol's body is the actual Sun, and he fully dwells on the Prime Material Plane. His divine power is enormous, especially inside the orbits of the planets that circle around his body. He is as patient as he is powerful and he is the deity that puts most value on responsibility. That is the primary reason why he created anthropomorphic image and sent it to first humans who started to worship the Sun on the Gaya's surface. He feels responsible for creating the planets and for the other divine minds who emerged aeons after he imprisoned his brother, so he has taken an active role in the lives of the life forms on the planets that orbit around him. His goal is to spread and support the rule of law and to support the civilization and all its achievements. His primary worshipers are rulers, lawbringers, judges and aristocrats – but also everyone that toil and work under the sun and those who benefit from the rule of law and stability, so he is equally worshiped by kings and peasants. His worshipers are also those who are wronged, poor – who are hoping for mercy – merchants and even warriors, since Sol has waged the first war in the known history – the war against his mad brother. Although, he is more worshiped by officers and military leaders in his aspect of the warrior, than by common soldiers. He is the principle deity of the pantheon and is recognized as preeminent of the Elder Gods, as well as the god who keeps the ultimate destruction of the world at bay. He expects from his followers to abide by the laws, although not foolish, contradictory or meaningless laws, and to promote order and peace.
Sol is usually shown as well-formed golden-haired man, with blinding light that shines from his eyes. He usually wears golden breastplate and cloak, with two-headed eagles and lions as motifs.

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