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недеља, 19. јул 2009.

Tri antologije u najavi

Šaka su mi dopale tri antologije savremene fantastike, koje pokrivaju sf, urbanu fantastiku i horor. Za sada ću ih samo pomenuti, a kasnije ću se njima pozabaviti u Blow by Blow maniru. Reč je o sledećim zbirkama:

Strange Brew (2009)
An anthology of stories edited by
P N Elrod

1. Seeing Eye by Patricia Briggs - A blind witch decides to help a man, a werewolf, find his brother who is an undercover cop and has disappeared while on a case.

2. Last Call by Jim Butcher - Harry Dresden walks into his favorite bar for a beer and a sandwich and finds chaos instead. What is wrong with the beer being brewed by the bar owner?

3. Death Warmed Over by Rachel Caine - Holly is a resurrectionist witch. The last time she brought Andrew Toland back from the dead she fell in love with him. Now the police need his special help to solve another case but how can Holly stand the pain when Andrew has to die this time?

4. Vegas Odds by Karen Chance - Accalia (Lia) trains recruits at the War Mage Corps. Imagine her surprise when she realizes it is her own students who are trying to kill her.

5. Hecate's Golden Eye by P. N. Elrod - Chicago 1937 - Charles Escott and his undead colleague Jack Fleming are hired to help the rightful owner steal back her pendant. The history of the jewel says that any man who touches the Golden Eye dies. Luckily for Jack, he's already dead.

6. Bacon by Charlaine Harris - Dahlia Lynley-Chivers is a vampire who is now a widow because her werewolf husband was defeated in a challenge fight for pack position. She hires a witch to help her find out what was done to her husband to make him vulnerable and weak during the fight.

7. Signatures of the Dead by Faith Hunter - Spruce Pine, North Carolina, is being targeted by a band of rogue vampires. Earth witch Molly Trueblood and her friend shapeshifter Jane Yellowrock must find the vampire lair or the killings will continue.

8. Ginger by Caitlin Kittredge - Sunny Swann and her cousin Luna grew up in Nocturne City. Sunny is a witch without much confidence in her powers totally unlike her werewolf cousin. Then why would someone want to kidnap Sunny?

9. Dark Sins by Jenna Maclaine - Venice 1818 - Cin, Michael, Devlin and Justine (The Righteous-judge, jury, and executioners in the world of vampires) are in the city for pleasure, not business. When they are all four kidnapped by a wizard and his coven Cin is forced to chose between the lives of her lover and friends or dark, evil magic.

The New Space Opera 2
All-new stories of science fiction adventure
By Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan

Utriusque Cosmi • Robert Charles Wilson

The Island • Peter Watts

Events Preceding the Helvetican Renaissance • John Kessel

To Go Boldly • Cory Doctorow

The Lost Princess Man • John Barnes

Defect • Kristine Kathryn Rusch

To Raise a Mutiny Betwixt Yourselves • Jay Lake

Shell Game • Neal Asher

Punctuality • Garth Nix

Inevitable • Sean Williams

Join the Navy and See the Worlds • Bruce Sterling

Fearless Space Pirates of The Outer Rings • Bill Willingham

From the Heart • John Meaney

Chameleons • Elizabeth Moon

The Tenth Muse • Tad Williams

Cracklegrackle • Justina Robson

The Tale of the Wicked • John Scalzi

Catastrophe Baker and A Canticle For Leibowitz • Mike Resnick

The Far End of History • John C. Wright

The Living Dead
by John Joseph Adams

This Year’s Class Picture
Dan Simmons

Some Zombie Contingency Plans
Kelly Link

Death and Suffrage
Dale Bailey

Ghost Dance
Sherman Alexie

David J. Schow

The Third Dead Body
Nina Kiriki Hoffman

The Dead
Michael Swanwick

The Dead Kid
Darrell Schweitzer

Malthusian’s Zombie
Jeffrey Ford

Beautiful Stuff
Susan Palwick

Sex, Death and Starshine
Clive Barker

Stockholm Syndrome
David Tallerman

Bobby Conroy Comes Back From the Dead
Joe Hill

Those Who Seek Forgiveness
Laurell K. Hamilton

In Beauty, Like the Night
Norman Partridge

Brian Evenson

Everything is Better With Zombies
Hannah Wolf Bowen

Home Delivery
Stephen King

Less Than Zombie
Douglas E. Winter

Sparks Fly Upward
Lisa Morton

Meathouse Man
George R. R. Martin

Deadman’s Road
Joe R. Lansdale

The Skull-Faced Boy
David Barr Kirtley

The Age of Sorrow
Nancy Kilpatrick

Bitter Grounds
Neil Gaiman

She’s Taking Her Tits to the Grave
Catherine Cheek

Dead Like Me
Adam-Troy Castro

Zora and the Zombie
Andy Duncan

Calcutta, Lord of Nerves
Poppy Z. Brite

Will McIntosh

The Song the Zombie Sang
Harlan Ellison® and Robert Silverberg

Passion Play
Nancy Holder

Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man
Scott Edelman

How the Day Runs Down
John Langan

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